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How to Deal With Trees When Carrying Out Construction

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When considering any kind of construction close to trees, it is imperative that care be taken to avoid causing any damage, especially to the tree root system. That doesn’t mean construction can’t be undertaken; just that it needs to be done in a way that does everything possible to safeguard the tree. Some trees are even protected by the law, so make sure you do everything you can to look out for the health of any trees near anything you attempt to build. The following takes a brief look at some of the things you can do to deal with trees located near sites that need to undergo construction work.

Using piles

Piles are narrow supports driven into the ground to create the ability to elevate a structure. These supports cause minimal damage to the root system of the tree while allowing structures to be built above the roots without causing significant damage or disturbance to them. This also enables the soil to maintain access to air and water, and therefore helps maintain a healthy environment for the tree and its root system.

Let the tree guide you

If you have a large tree nearby the area you want to build, but are at least a little flexible as far as exactly where you will construct your new structure, try to keep any disturbance outside of the area covered by the tree’s canopy. This way you will be keeping clear of the majority of the tree’s root system and minimising any damage that may occur.

Root barriers

A root barrier is a physical barrier built underground to prevent a tree’s roots from undermining or threatening the integrity of a building or structure. Depending on the size of the tree you need to deal with, root barriers can provide a way to build close to a tree without negatively impacting it or having the tree and its root system impact your building structure.

Think ahead

If you plan on building any kind of structure close to a large tree, keep in mind the amount the tree may grow over the coming years. This way you may be able to help avoid problems in the future by preventing the tree, its roots or branches from interfering with or undermining anything that you are planning on constructing.

Trees can make a community a far more beautiful place to be — not to mention the shade and fresh air that they provide — so if you are building near large trees, make sure you take every possible precaution to ensure no harm is being done. Be smart about how you build any structure surrounding (or which could, in the future, be in close proximity to) the trees — you’ll be doing both yourself and the trees a favour. If ever in doubt about the best way to deal with a tree, always call in your local arborist or tree services for some expert advice.

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