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Using Established Trees as a Landscaping Focal Point

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Using well-established trees as focal points has become an increasingly popular approach in modern landscaping, as apart from being a lot of work to remove a large tree, the effect of keeping your design focus on those beautiful trees can be absolutely stunning. The following is a look at why using established trees as landscaping focal points can be such a marvellous idea, as well as how to make your established trees a bigger focus at your place.

Enjoy the benefits

If you are lucky enough to have large and well-established trees in an area you are planning on landscaping, don’t make the mistake of getting rid of them, because there are many benefits to be had. A large tree will provide shade, protection from the wind, and help to clean the air, and some people believe large trees also do a lot for the positive energy of an area.

Prevent tree problems

If you have decided to keep a well-established tree as a focal point on your property, make sure that there is no danger of any branches crashing down on top of anyone, and have a professional arborist come and do any necessary pruning for you. It may look like all those branches are solid enough up there, but it is a smart safety precaution to have your tree checked out just to be sure.

Incorporate your entertaining areas

A fantastic way to have your trees front and centre in your outdoor design is by incorporating them into your entertainment areas, so whether you build a deck around those trees or even just set up your outdoor furniture underneath them, include those big trees in your entertaining plan. Depending on the type of tree or trees you have on your property, building a tree house for your kids can be another wonderful idea, as well as a great way to keep those gorgeous trees of yours in focus.

Bring in the birds

For those who are a fan of having birds regularly dropping by their place, make your established tree a focal point for birds as well as humans by having a few decent birdhouses put up there. This will make it easier for those winged friends of yours to spend more time visiting the area, and the more birds you have hanging out in and around your trees, the more it will add to the overall charm of your outdoor areas.

Landscape around it

With your well-established trees as focal points, it can be an effective design plan to landscape around them, and whether you bring in plants to border the trees or pave a path weaving between them, get creative but also try to keep your design looking connected. You will need to be careful to avoid damaging the roots of those established trees, so have your local tree services advise you on the best ways to proceed before you do any digging.

If you are lucky enough to have some established trees on your property, make the most of these beautiful and unique assets by having them as the focal point of your outdoor design.

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