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Exploring the Medicinal Uses of Tree Bark

Bark is the outermost layer found on trees. It is the coat that protects the delicate tissues of the tree from disease and environmental factors like weather and insects. Over the years, bark has been harvested from trees and used by people for man...

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5 Incredible Things Trees Give the Planet

Trees are a vital part of the natural cycle, providing important building blocks for life across the entire spectrum of nature. Just for starters; they provide nutrients, remove toxins, stabilise the land, contribute to the air that we breathe, coo...

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How to Know if a Tree is Dead: The Four Telltale Signs

No matter how much care or attention you put into a gardening project, a few dead plants are inevitable. Death and rebirth are a natural part of a garden's life, and while it might be a sad thing for a fully mature tree to die, it means that new ...

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The 12 Best Trees for Autumn Colour


There's something truly spectacular about trees in autumn when their foliage produces magical hues of reds, oranges and yellows. Some trees will be bolder in colour than others during the autumn months, so if you're looking for trees that will prov...

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How to Safely Remove Possums from your Roof

Possums might be cute, but they're also a nuisance. Possum proofing your roof can be done quickly, efficiently and with little danger to the animal if you know what you're doing, but they're likely to outwit an amatuer who doesn't know the basics...

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Therapeutic Uses of Common Backyard Trees and Plants – Part 3


Part 3 Time for the final chapter in our series on plants with therapeutic properties in Australia. It's great to know that we have the power to heal ourselves with what we can find in the garden and in our backyard bushland. It's even more humbling...

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Therapeutic Uses of Common Backyard Trees and Plants – Part 2


Part Two We hope you enjoyed part one of our guide to backyard medicinal trees and plants. Welcome to part two in our series, where we continue to explore the different therapeutic uses of common Australian plants. We hope you've been inspired to ...

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Therapeutic Uses of Common Backyard Trees and Plants – Part 1


Part 1 Australia has a deluge of gorgeous native plants that have medicinal properties. While indigenous knowledge utilises our country's plants, it's not commonly known that you can grow alternative medicines in your backyard. Until now. Present...

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The Best Plants For Your DIY Vertical Garden

Space is something of a luxury that many people just don't have, particularly when they live in apartments and flats in busy cities. This can be especially frustrating for those who love to garden. However there is a solution; vertical gardens! I...

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