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TreeScience’s Seasonal Gardening Calendar

One of the great joys of having a garden is watching it change through the seasons, each bringing with it different structures, colours, scents, wildlife, and other delights. There are always so many things to do in the garden, whether it be prunin...

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How to Manage Myrtle Rust and Phellinus Noxius

Tree diseases are a problem amongst many species of natural flora in Australia. Some of them are easily treated and do not cause too many problems, but other diseases can cause many issues for the eco system and the amenity of landscapes. This i...

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Vegetation Management Plans (VMP)

A VMP simply relates to a Vegetation Management Plan, and this term became an old and outdated acronym when changes were made to the Australian accepted standards over the past 5-10 years. Since the inclusion of the Australian Standard AS4970 - 200...

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Guide to Australia’s Top 10 Native Trees


Many people will often try to build a garden and grow trees, plants, and vegetables without taking any notice of what is suitable for their climate. Unfortunately, excessive heat is generally what causes plants to die. But knowing what climate you li...

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How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Alive for Longer


Buying a real Christmas tree for the holiday season is a tradition still favoured by a lot of people. Sometimes an artificial tree simply won't do. However, with buying a real Christmas tree comes the problem of the tree perhaps not making it to Chri...

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Topiary Transforms the Typical Garden

When art comes to arborists, the outcome can mean the craziest topiary shapes. For anyone that has ever seen the movie "Edward Scissorhands", you probably have some idea of the shapes that can be produced from clipping or pruning trees. However, the ...

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The Best Behaved Trees for an Australian Climate


It's often hard to determine which trees are most suitable for your yard and the climate in which you live. There are many varieties of trees and plants to choose from, and making the right selection will allow you to have long lasting shrubbery and ...

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Are You Allowed to Cut Down Your Tree?

Do you have a tree on your property that is potentially going to be a nuisance, or is already a hazard? What about your neighbour's property, is there a tree that overhangs on to your land and cause problems? Are you considering buying a property t...

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Amazing Australian Trees and Where to Find Them

Australia is home to many trees. Some are quite common, but some trees cannot be found anywhere else. Australia also has some trees that have become well known for their history, and are great Australian icons in their own right. Here we go throug...

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