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Complete Guide to Using Established Trees as a Landscaping Focal Point

If you have some well-established trees in your garden you may already have some great ideas about how you can turn it into a focal point - or maybe you really don't know what to do and are wondering whether you should just cut it down. You mi...

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Enjoying Australia’s Open Gardens in 2012

Australians love their gardening, and with ideal growing conditions almost all year round, it is no surprise that there are some pretty impressive gardens. When the idea came up to organise a way to show some of Australia's public and private gardens...

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The World’s Largest Tree Planting Schemes

With the world being deforested at such an alarming rate over the last 50 years, planting trees has become a matter of urgency. As the state of the environment has worsened, people all over the world have begun to act, organising massive tree plantin...

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