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Looking for a qualified arborist in Moreton Bay?

Treescience has the expertise you need. We’ve been working with local councils in the rapidly-growing Moreton Bay area since 2011, and have produced a variety of reports and inventories of the tree life in this highly diverse landscape. So if you have a residential, commercial or government project in the pipeline that requires expert local input from an arboricultural point of view, contact the team at Treescience. Let us help you make it a success both environmentally as well as financially.



What’s so different about Treescience?

Treescience is not just a team of arborists. We’re an arboricultural consultancy company that offers a range of services to property developers, local councils, mining and resources companies, and architects and engineers. Among other things, we prepare reports, management plans and inventories, conduct research and forensic investigations, and provide expert witness advice and appearances in legal matters pertaining to arboriculture. We also specialise in plant health care and soil rehabilitation, and offer a range of tree services including surgery, decay assessment and aerial inspections.

As well as our specialist services, the other thing that sets Treescience apart is our exceptional customer service. We tackle every project we undertake with a fresh sense of excitement, and we work with our clients to find solutions that are both creative and practical. We also ensure that we utilise available resources to optimum advantage. Working together is what we do best, and that’s why it’s our company motto.


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You could be a property developer working within a sensitive natural environment. You could be a residential tree owner frustrated by local bureaucracy. Whoever you are and whatever your problem is, if it’s arboricultural then we’ve got the answer at Treescience.

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Treescience continue to deliver to their high qualifications, understanding the issues unique to each development situation and have been of great environmental assistance to us and our projects…

Greg Wright

Director – Wright Investment Group Pty Ltd

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