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There’s no doubt that trees can arouse strong emotions.

On the one hand, for sentimental reasons or historical significance, people can be fiercely protective of trees, both their own and those owned by others.

On the other hand there can be equally heartfelt animosity towards trees and a determination to see them removed or substantially reduced in size.

Where disputes arise, we offer a mediation and legal advice service on the various aspects of arboriculture.


A team that’s drilled in the finer details of legal logistics

The impact of the Civil Procedures Rules has, in our opinion, greatly improved the framework in which a legal team can operate. The overriding obligation to the court and the responsibility to correctly advise and assist the legal team are in our opinion interwoven as part of the services we offer.

Our Principal Arboricultural Scientist Jason-jay Fletcher is experienced and well-practiced in acting on behalf of either claimants, defendants, appellants, or as a single joint expert in cases of Litigation, Public Inquires, and Planning Appeals. His substantial experience in court proceedings makes him a highly effective advocate for clients.

For us, balancing the duties to the court and the instructing legal team requires an arboricultural expert accomplished in evaluating a particular claim, the merits and weaknesses of a claimant’s case, and the defendant’s case.

Add to this a team of university educated consultants, who have a thorough understanding of civil procedures, plus exceptional experience in private and government proceedings, and we are well equipped to provide you with current technical information to ensure you are well informed and therefore get you the result you are looking for.

Got a legal concern you need advice on? Ask us.

Our areas of legal expertise include:

  • Planning (applications, appeals, Tree Preservation Orders), prosecutions and defences or applications and appeals
  • Tree-related subsidence (investigation, assessment, mitigation)
  • Compensation following damage
  • Personal and property injury from both tree and branch failure
  • Valuation of amenity trees
  • Boundary disputes
  • Contractual or Insurance disputes
  • Trading Standards prosecution and defences
  • Professional Standards and Indemnity Claims

Treescience has a brilliant understanding of organic plant health care

Merline Olson

Director, Soil Food Web

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