Assessments & Reporting

Assessments and reporting to meet a wide range of residential, commercial and government needs.

Whether your project requires individual tree health reports, risk assessments, asset management, site arboricultural services or reports for developments, we provide a full scope of arboricultural and bushfire reporting for government departments, commercial projects and residential developments across Australia.

In terms of a Development Application (DA), each consenting government authority has its own independent assessment codes and compliance requirements.

At Treescience, we are vastly familiar with both Queensland and New South Wales by-laws and vegetation protection orders and permits for each specific government region.

We advise the various state government departments and municipalities on technical urban forestry designs, and construction processes where trees are concerned. Furthermore, Treescience has produced various policies and guidelines for local government outlining urban forestry management and green engineering solutions.

Therefore, our comprehensive understanding of legislation and tree preservation constraints ensures our team knows exactly what’s required to tailor each assessment and reporting prerequisite:

Verbal Consultation

Letter Reports

Tree & Building Reports

Arboricultural Appraisal report

Preliminary Arboricultural Report

Arboricultural Impact Assessment

Tree Management Plans

Tree Root Mapping

Tree Evaluation

Tree Inventories

Bushfire Assessment Reports