We offer 35 years combined experience delivering consulting services to government, commercial and residential clients across Australia

Trees can be long-living, with not only amenity value and  ecological significance but often cultural and historical significance as well. Trees and vegetation are an aesthetic and environmentally-friendly asset to any development application, but may require impact mitigation measures to ensure a tree on a development site may not only survive, but thrive. This is where professional Arborist consulting services bring an all-important balance between science, sustainability and legislation into Australia's developing urban landscape.

As consulting Level 9 Arborists, our services pertain to the study of natural and landscaped vegetation, soil science, root growth and tree biology in an urban setting. We approach the  urban forest with a strategic approach to enriching the asset value of vegetation in new or existing commercial, residential and governmental development projects.

At Treescience, we are familiar with relevant legislation pertaining to arboriculture and the urban forest, including local government by-laws on vegetation protection orders and bushfire risk assessments. We provide our clients with accurate and well-informed assessments and reports.

We offer a comprehensive range of Arboricultural services, including project arborist supervision, assessments and reporting, tree inventories, plant health care, bushfire assessments and expert witness.

As an AQF Level 9 Arborist consultancy, our diverse team offers a wealth of experience in adhering to relevant arboricultural and construction reporting requirements, applicable to state and local government policies. Our team has already displayed proficiency in negotiating with a myriad of government departments, and we are often called on to backfill key Government positions when integral and internal technical team personnel are on leave.

For arboriculture services that balance urban development with urban forestry in a way that promotes environmental and economic sustainability, reach out to the team at Treescience.


With Treescience, you get a holistic community and environmentally-centred approach to Arboriculture Services. We are a proud Aboriginal AQF Level 9 Arborist consultancy dedicated not only to protecting Australia's culturally significant vegetation but also promoting environmental and economic sustainability within Australian communities.

As a registered Aboriginal business, we offer Arborist services with a blend of insight that stems from generational and traditional knowledge, as well as academic and legislative knowledge, ensuring a sustainable future for Australia's natural and cultural heritage.