Meet the Team

Collectively, our team is internationally and nationally certified and recognised by the relevant governing industry bodies.

Jason-jay Naylor (Fletcher)

The organisation is lead by Principal Scientist Jason-jay (JJ) Naylor. JJ has extensive knowledge of urban forest principles and arboriculture and spent seven years as Brisbane City Council’s Senior Arboricultural Scientist. JJ’s experience covers negotiating with a myriad of government department requirements, a service that is welcomed by many of our commercial and government clients.

JJ has extensive knowledge of urban forest principles combined with comprehensive tertiary qualifications.

These qualifications include an AQF Level 9 (Arboriculture) in addition to a Master’s degree with credentials and experience in all areas pertaining to urban forestry and detailed legal matters.

JJ’s practice also involves negotiating with government department requirements and serves as an Arboricultural Expert Witness within the Supreme Court of Australia, Planning and Environmental Courts of Australia, Magistrate Court of Australia and the relevant Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunals such as QCAT.


Our supervising project Arborists and consultants hold a minimum AQF level 5 (Arboriculture) with 5 years post-graduate experience, where key members are AQF level 6 (Arboriculture) with over 35 years’ experience within municipality and private sectors.

Wrapping it all together, our tertiary-educated office team coordinate all the projects, streamline incoming data and adaptive drawing outcomes before finalising outgoing reports.

Additional services include:

Laboratory and research services

Presentations and training outcomes

Preparation and delivery of policies, guidelines and strategic management plans