Project Arborist Services

Assessments and reporting to meet a wide range of residential, commercial and government needs.

Arboricultural supervision works to ensure sites have the necessary tree protection measures in place to meet the Australian bylaws and vegetation protection orders for each specific government region.

Our elite team of Arborists provide arboricultural supervision services for Government, commercial and private sectors that is in compliance with relevant permits and Australian legislation.

With in-depth understanding and interdisciplinary experience, our Project Arborist Supervision consists of:

Assessing the value and contribution of the tree(s) located on-site

Comprehensive root investigation exploratory measures

Prestart meeting and certification

Ground protection and certification

Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) guidance

Regular monitoring of tree health during construction

Routine inspections

Collaborating with the relevant representatives and consenting authorities

Final certification for finished projects

We work closely with our clients in an arboricultural consultancy capacity to ensure all measures are in place to ensure the project meets and exceeds the expectations of the local planning authority.

Treescience also offer soil and plant health care for our clients in government departments and the private sector and use the latest compost and fertilising techniques to develop healthier food soil. By using industry-leading tools such as Air knife, Microscopic Analysis and Wood/Soil DNA Sequencing we can remove speculation and better understand a tree’s structure and positioning under the ground.