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Planting Trees Properly

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When it comes to planting trees, there is a lot of art and skill involved.

Not only does it require patience, but it also takes a lot of thought when planning out the positions of the trees. Every angle must be considered before putting a tree in the ground, and a planter must think about where the tree’s shadow will be cast throughout the day, what kind of slope they should be placed on, which trees should be planted near each other, and how much sunlight and water they require.

Any tree specialist will agree that soil in particular is an important factor that determines how well a tree will do once planted.

One debate in particular keeps coming up in tree professional circles: whether or not the soil should be improved in the planting hole before a new tree is planted.

Some believe improved soil doesn’t encourage a young tree’s root system to grow out in search of nutrients. Of course, when soil is of poor quality it is often beneficial to mix in a little bit of organic matter and work it carefully around the roots.


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