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Christmas Tree Poachers Thwarted by Stinky Trees

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In an attempt to thwart potential Christmas tree thieves, a southern New Jersey town has taken drastic and smelly measures.

Port Republic, a small town in north-eastern Atlantic City, started spraying evergreen trees a few years ago with a chemical that would make the tree smell like rotten eggs if brought inside a warm home.

The trees were planted as windbreaks near tennis courts, but were prone to getting poached by people who wanted to use them as Christmas trees.

According to mayor Gary Giberson, people would climb up to the top of a 30- or 40-foot blue spruce tree and lob the top off to use as a Christmas tree in the home. Apparently, none of the trees have been touched since tree services began using the stinky spray strategy.

The state had used similar measures in the 1990s, but, according to a Turnpike Authority, there haven’t been any problems with tree poachers for many years now.


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