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Tree Removal & Identifying Protected Trees

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A protected significant landscape tree

Need to remove a tree from your property? You need to call in a professional arborist first to ensure you are ticking all the right boxes to ensure you are doing everything legally.

A professional arborist can help you to determine what species the tree is. The species of tree will be important to your application for council consent to cut down the tree, as you will need to know if the tree is within the Protected Significant Landscape Trees.

These are trees that are considered part of Brisbane’s ‘unique landscape character’, and therefore require a permit before cutting them down.

How to know if you can remove a tree

In order for any trees to be removed, your arborist will need to see that permit before undertaking the work. Trees within this list include – but are not limited to – ficus-benjamina, obliqua, platypoda, virens and watkinsiana species of the fig tree.

Other native trees not on this list but that also require permits include Mango, Poinciana and Jacaranda trees. These require permits once they have reached 80cm in diameter, and the Queensland Kauri pine, Hoop pine, Queensland blue gum or Forest red gum, and Scribbly gum require permits when grown to 60 cm in diameter.

What does this mean for your tree removal?

This means that if you have these species of trees listed here that do not meet the 80cm in diameter or 60cm in diameter restriction, then a permit is not required before cutting down the tree. Your arborist can help with these measurements for you.

You will typically need a good reason for cutting down the tree when you apply for a permit. The fact that a tree is causing too much shade or tree-litter is not a reason in support of a permit.

A professional arborist can consider the species and where it’s placed on your property, and will have the expertise to advise on the impact of the tree to your home.

Good reasons for cutting down a tree include the potential for structural damage, any risks to your family, or root blockages in pipes.

Still not sure? Call the experts at Treescience

With our knowledge and experience, our consultants will help you make sure any tree removal you wish to undertake is in line with Australian standards and local and state government planning authorities.

If you have to work around trees during the construction or renovation of your property and need advice about the correct way to go about construction, Treescience provides the professional support you need to ensure all work is legal and abides by state and local laws.

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