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What Does a Consulting Arborist Do?

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A consulting arborist takes pictures of a property development with his smartphone

There is far more to a tree than what you see on the surface.

For a full ‘root and branch’ review (pun intended) of your tree, your development site, or the potential to remove and/ or relocate trees and other flora, a consulting arborist is who you’re looking for.

While as a developer or future developer you may see trees as simply something that needs to be removed or as blocking progress – they are so much more.

Australia’s diverse ecosystem is based around literally thousands and thousands of years of development – and trees have always been part of that.

What is a “Consulting Arborist”?

A consulting arborist is a qualified tree expert with experience and certifications in the science, and practical application of, arboriculture.

However, this is far more than simply cutting down or pruning a tree as many people can sometimes believe.

To remove any “conflict of interest”, a consulting arborist does not (and nor are they permitted to) create business revenue through the removal of trees (or the keeping of them, for that matter).

They are there to provide consultation on the trees, in the areas of tree health and structure, trees & development, government consultation, real estate & property, legal & insurance matters.

Consulting arborists are ‘experts’ and professional service providers for a wide range of clients from domestic, commercial, industrial, developers, local, state & federal governments.

In addition, consulting arborists provide significant assistance to legal matters that come before the courts in both criminal & civil cases.


To be considered a qualified consulting arborist, a professional must obtain the AQF Level 5 qualification, recognised by Industry & professional bodies (IACA, ISA).

Many consultation arborists also have other degrees such as town planning, agriculture or even law to assist with the application of their trade.

This means companies such as Tree Science can share our extensive knowledge in the relevant Environment Planning policies and bylaws, such as Brisbane City Council’s Natural Area Local Law (NALL), to ensure all environmental regulations are being adhered to, and that they are supported by the correct technical advice and reports.

When it comes to the approval of development in and around Australia, consulting arborists provide detailed arborist reports on the locations set for construction.

These include impact assessments, tree protection plans, arborist reports & valuable in monetary, environmental and social terms of trees.

Hiring a Consulting Arborist

Engaging a consulting arborist at the ‘discovery’ stages of your development could save you a great deal of time, money, misinformation and potential local government red tape, as the reports and services can stop issues from occurring you and your team may not have been even aware existed.

So when you are in the ‘pre-design’ phase with your architects, bring in the services of a qualified, expert consulting arborist to ensure your project doesn’t fall behind schedule because of trees.

Speak to the expert team at Tree Science for all your eco-consulting needs. Our consulting arborists are known as some of the best in the business and could give your project the green light ahead of schedule.

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