Development Planning & Tree Protection Zones

Trees are one of the most important elements of the Australian ecosystem. They ensure the health and well-being of the environment

More specifically, trees create an ecosystem, releasing oxygen and provide habitat & food for birds and other animals, as well as absorbing carbon dioxide and other potentially harmful gasses such as sulphur dioxide & carbon monoxide.

One large tree can supply a day’s worth of oxygen for four people

Tree Protection Zones

As property developments grow, tree protection and tree management become ever more important. A Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) must be identified and factored into all development site planning.

When it comes to the protection of trees on development sites, governments at all levels take the matter extremely seriously.

To assist all parties concerned in the proper management of established trees on development sites, the Australian Standard –  was created, mandating the creation of a Tree Protection Zone (or TPZ).

The TPZ determines certain setbacks that are calculated based on the relevant characteristics of a tree.

Within the design phase a development project, it is a requirement that a resource evaluation the site is taken, to ensure the project developers have important environmental elements such as gradient, drainage, trenching to prevent damage to trees.

Engaging a Treescience Consulting Arborists from the beginning of development can save significant time and money and potential sanctions or fines of non-compliance with the local laws and restrictions.

Treescience is the industry leader regarding Arborist Consultation and can provide all the relevant checks, reports and advice needed to keep any development moving forward.

With clients all over Australia, we are passionate about applying practical arboricultural solutions to Government, commercial and private projects.