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Trees suffer heat damage

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Warmer weather and dry conditions are contributing to an increase in fallen tree limbs, say arborists.

Mark Elliott of The Adelaide Tree Surgery, said that falling tree limbs could be unpredictable but that he has noticed an increase this summer.

“There does seem to be a bit of a pattern in warmer weather and limb failure,” he said.

Mr Elliott pointed out that higher temperatures and more hot days could account for the number of limbs falling.

“Trees do require water, even mature trees.

“Trees do need to be maintained as well, and maintained by qualified people,” Elliott said.

Dozens of tree limbs were strewn across verges and roads when storms hit Adelaide on Friday night.

Mr Elliott said that removing dead wood and pruning trees were important for safety.

Reader, Tony Heard, sent in a photo of a fallen branch at Brougham Place, North Adelaide, near the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.  The seat underneath the tree was crushed by the force of the falling limb.

“Fortunately no one was on the seat,” Mr Heard said.


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