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Residents outraged over tree cull at Brunswick terminal station

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Tensions are running high over trees felled on the Brunswick terminal station site in preparation for the building of a larger electrical power station.

The power companies behind the development removed more than six large cypresses and a group of Moreton Bay figs and photinia robusta trees along the terminal’s King Street internal boundary.

Residents protesting against the terminal development were outraged, saying that they thought the trees would stay; but the power companies said that 500 letters were sent out notifying residents that, due to safety reasons, trees would be removed.

Kirsten Coster, director of City of Moreland planning and economic development, said that council officers had been sent to investigate following residents complaints.

She said that under plans for the development approval by the state planning minister, the power companies were able to remove the trees provided they had an arborist’s report.  She said that council had requested a written confirmation from the power companies that such a report had been completed.


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