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Tree Damage in Floods and Wet and Stormy Weather

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Until they cause damage – such as falling on a car or home – almost everyone loves trees.

The damage caused by recent floods in New South Wales and Queensland has been extensively covered in the media. While many people immediately think of the problems cause by water, many large and particularly old trees have also caused significant damage.

Experts in tree care and maintenance, Treescience, explain that because rain loosens soil, the anchoring capabilities of tree roots are compromised and trees are ultimately freed. Structures of this size and weight cannot help but cause damage.

People who are concerned about trees near their homes or business premises should seek the advice of professionals.

It is wise to draw upon the skills, knowledge and expertise of an experienced arborist. As well as knowing about and understanding trees, such professionals are often able to help negotiate development issues, including the requirements of councils (which can often be complex and highly involved).

Organisations, most notably Treescience, are passionate about trees and committed to being at the forefront of everything ‘tree-related’. As well as offering professional services and advice for staying safe in wet and stormy weather, tree-dedicated organisations are interested in big and small projects, including: community-focused, environmental, creative, current initiatives and those that will have most impact in the future.

Source:  Press Release from Tree Science March 2013

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