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Designer Trees — the Best of Both Worlds

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The following is a look at some of the main reasons why designer trees have become an extremely popular choice in modern design.

Tree research

Before you even consider planting anything on your property, ensure you know all there is to know about it — whether it is a tree, a bush or a plant — and look to what others are doing with their gardens and outdoor areas as a way to get inspired. Once you have a pretty good idea of what you want to do, it is well worth talking to your local tree services and getting some professional advice, as this way you are sure to come up with the best possible plan for your space.

Making the most of your space

One of the most popular things about designer trees is that regardless of the size of your place, you can have a tree that is designed to fit perfectly — not to mention ones you know won’t grow into a huge problem. With the majority of people living in smaller homes nowadays, designer trees have become increasingly popular, as they allow even the tiniest of yards to be transformed into spectacular outdoor areas.

Tree safety

While it sounds like a nice idea to have a beautiful old tree on or near your property, it can put your safety at risk, as falling branches can cause significant damage to both people and property. If you are planning out your new home or business, think about having an arborist come in and check out the health of your existing trees, and replace any sick or dead trees with designer options.

Make best use of the natural light

There is nothing better than having a lot of trees around your place, but most people also want to make the most of the natural light too, and with designer trees you can do both. Rather than have a huge beautiful tree but no sun — or lots of sun and no shade — you can have designer trees planted that will provide just the right amount of shade, without blocking too much light.

Ready-made impact

Apart from being designed to be a specific size and shape, you can also have your designer trees trimmed and sculpted before having them planted, so that wherever you are having them put, they will look fantastic from the moment they are in the ground. This makes designer trees perfect for those moving their home or place of business, and who want their new place to look amazing from the day they move in.

Weather protection

One of the best things about trees is the protection they provide you from the elements, as they are able to protect you from wind and rain, provide shade and even help to cool and clean the air. Additionally, designer trees allow you to plan out your weather protection as specifically as you’d like. You may have an effective wind barrier already but need more shade, or you may have plenty of shade but no protection from the wind; either way, by bringing in the right designer trees, you can fill those gaps and have your outdoor area absolutely perfect.

Designer trees offer that final touch in a contemporary design. The advantages to a perfect fit tree will delight you for years to come and add value and style to your living or working space.

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