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‘War on Weeds’ Declared on Sunshine Coast

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Throughout May, the ‘War on Weeds’ took place on the Sunshine Coast and involved locals replacing their garden weeds with free native trees.

Jenny McKay, Community Programs Portfolio Councillor, explained that weed swaps occurred over a period of a few weeks at 37 different locations. McKay said the project will help restore various parts of the local habitat with native trees.

This project is part of the ongoing partnership existing between the council and the community to protect and enhance the biodiversity of land owned by the council. ‘War on Weeds’ occurs at the local level, and the project actively involves and engages volunteers in the restoration of habitat.

The project is supported by approximately 750 volunteers who undertake ‘working bees’ at the different weed swap locations throughout the region. Volunteers provide credible advice to residents who arrive to trade their weeds for native trees.

Tony Wellington, Environment Portfolio Councillor, recognised the value of the ‘War on Weeds’ in encouraging residents to improve their local environment. He said that all parts of the community have a part to play in protecting the environment and ensuring that invasive species are replaced by native plants when possible.


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