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60,000 New Trees for Bundanon’s Erie Park

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Plans are in place for a new project to plant 60,000 trees on farms at Bundanon’s Erie Park.

The riparian zone of the Shoalhaven River will be reconnected with surrounding bush across approximately 23 hectares. The revegetation project will come at a cost of almost one million dollars.

Decades ago, a patch of land that is positioned near the river was stripped for the purpose of grazing. It is no longer important to the Bundanon Trust that farming occur on that area of the property.

The Bundanon Trust carries responsibility for care of the land that the late Arthur Boyd bequeathed to Australia. Erie Park, an older farm that constitutes part of the Bundanon property, will have its paddocks revegetated following a decision of the trust.

One thousand trees per hectare will be planted as part of the project. All the trees are native species. Already, 20,000 of these trees are now at the site and available to be planted.

Shane Norrish is the Farming and Major Projects Director of Landcare Australia and the coordinator of the revegetation project. He said, “There is threatened species habitat here that we will be able to rebuild.”


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