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Land Clearing for Farms Target

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According to the environment group World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia, Queensland can reach its agricultural production targets without clearing new farm areas of trees and other native plants. The state’s target is to double production by the year 2040.

As part of the plan, the Queensland Government has recently proposed changes within its laws regulating vegetation management. Most significantly, the changes proposed allowing the development of new purposes for land clearing.

The changes mean that it would be permissible for people to clear land for high value agriculture and irrigation.

However, there is some opposition to the possible changes. CEO of WWF Australia, Dermot O’Gorman, is currently in Brisbane to lobby the State Government in advance of debate on the changes.

O’Gorman emphasised that it could be possible for the government to reach the goal that it has established by providing increased resources to encourage farmers to use enhanced farming techniques. These techniques lead to greater productivity and develop best management practice programs.


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