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Fig Tree Topples In Hyde Park

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City of Sydney officials are investigating the health of several towering fig trees in Sydney’s Hyde Park after one nearly fell on a mother and child earlier this month.

The woman, a local resident, was nearly struck when an 80 year old Hills fig tree fell over near the corner of Elizabeth and Park Street. The tree had been scheduled to be cut down after it was noticed to be in poor health, but it gave way before the planned removal could take place.

A fungal infestation caused damage to several of Hyde Park’s trees in 2006, causing multiple trees to fall over. An independent arborist report at the time warned that many of the trees would eventually need to be removed.

Shortly after the incident, council workers took down two more trees and removed the remains of the toppled tree.

Linda Scott, a councillor for the City of Sydney, has issued concerns about the health of Hyde Park’s remaining trees. She argued that, while Sydney’s greenery is important, the safety of its residents is paramount.


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