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Trees that hold special significance

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According to author Tim Bull, a.k.a. Tim the Yowie Man, it’s worthwhile to take a half-day excursion around Canberra and admire several trees that hold special significance to Australia’s culture and heritage.

It has been intimated that Corroboree Park was a site of considerable significance for the local indigenous community, although documentation about the history area is sparse prior to European settlement.

Corroboree Park is home to a yellow box, which is believed to be several hundred years old. The Corroboree hree as it is referred to as locally, is growing four secondary stems around its rotted-out main trunk.

Bull has a special appreciation of the tree, as one of the stems resembles the shape of a human face.

Local resident Ken Charlton, who heard an aboriginal elder recount the story of the tree, said the face is supposedly that of a young indigenous girl who showed James Ainslie to the spot to camp there with Campbell’s sheep in 1825.


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