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Bega Trees to be Removed by Arborist

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The mayor of Bega, Bill Taylor, confirmed that trees in Littleton Gardens will be removed and replaced because they pose a threat to public safety.

A statement from the mayor confirmed that the decision was made to remove and replace six trees pose a real threat to public safety. This decision was made following the advice of a qualified arborist who indicated the danger of these trees.

The mayor said he is acting in the best interest of the community, its residents and visitors. The trees will be replaced by other smaller and more appropriately sized trees. There will be more green space and the park will be more appealing to visitors.

The trees have been included in many discussions about the Littleton Gardens Master Plan and council meeting minutes on this topic have been regularly published. There was a lot of media attention about the removal of these trees, so the community was well-informed about the situation.

Mayor Taylor said that while the decision to remove the trees may not be popular, it is in the best interest of the community safety.


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