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Heavy Rainfall In North Carolina Damages Tree Health

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North Carolina residents are carefully examining their surroundings after heavy rains caused large numbers of trees to become unhealthy. According to professional arborists, heavy rainfall can encourage root rot, which poses significant health and safety risks. Trees afflicted with root rot can tip over in high winds, often causing damage to people and property.

Trees already infected with root rot weaken and worsen during heavy rainfall. Because high winds often accompany rainfall, the situation becomes even more dangerous. The town of Carowinds lost its power supply after a tree fell on power lines earlier this month. Fortunately for residents, falling tree fatalities have not occurred in Mecklenburg County since 2008.

A high clay content in the area’s soils creates further problems for trees and residents. Clay has a low adhesiveness to root systems, weakened further by rainfall induced moisture. Without adhesiveness between soil and root systems, trees have little to grip onto, making them vulnerable to high winds and toppling.


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