How can a quality consulting arborist can add value to your next development?

One of the most common misconceptions of developers in today’s socially conscientious and often conservative society is that “we will make the landscape better, let them wait and see”.

Not only is community consultation paramount for the success of your next low, high, small or large density development, but also embracing the surroundings, environment and embracing that which came before you or the big idea your and your investors rode in on.

Apart from being the experts who provide the much-needed reports required by council, consulting arborists provide a wide range of essential skills and services that could assist in your project being approved faster, gaining community support sooner and in the end providing higher returns on your development investment.

It isn’t simply about which trees to prune, which to remove and which must stay on your development site, but how your architectural designs work with, and within the urban landscape in which it sits.

Consulting arborists with experience in working with residential, commercial, town planning and everything in between can provide design solutions and expertise around how to work ‘with’ the trees, flora and other key council considerations, not simply avoid or remove them from the site. It’s about looking at the holistic site, and balancing the needs, wants and demands of the community, the council, the developers as well as the present and future requirements of the site – turning it into a desirable space.

Some of the services of consulting arborists can be project supervision, consultation and reporting, detailed tree inventory services and cost-saving tree fertilising techniques and management strategies all of which can save your project valuable time and money!

What is involved in project arborist supervision services?

When it comes to your next development regardless if it’s a set of small duplexes, through to a full-scale town planning site or urban complex, there are project arborist supervision services that not only ensure your project is compliant, but also any potential issues or conflicts are identified.  These can exist within with local council by-laws that are specific to that municipality, but also any potential hazards that could render your site unfit for the purpose you intend to use it for.

A competent and expert consulting arborist should be able to provide services such as those below as a minimum to assist with ‘green-lighting’ your project:

  • Assessing the value and contribution of the tree(s) located on-site
  • Comprehensive root investigation exploratory measures
  • Pre-start meeting and certification
  • Ground protection and certification
  • Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) guidance
  • Regular monitoring of tree health during construction
  • Routine inspections
  • Collaborating with the relevant representatives and consenting authorities
  • Final certification for finished projects

Consultation, reporting and assessments – identity the areas of concern before they stop your project in its tracks!

There is no question that your developments progress can be slowed down, sometimes indefinitely waiting for reports. However expert consultation arborists can remove the guesswork when it comes to the site suitability, council approvals and ultimate bottom line performance of your site and development. These can include:

  • Verbal Consultation
  • Letter Reports
  • Tree & Building Reports
  • Arboricultural Appraisal report
  • Preliminary Arboricultural Report
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment
  • Tree Management Plans
  • Tree Root Mapping
  • Tree Evaluation
  • Tree Inventories

How tree inventories can provide you with insights to your architectural & development strategy – save money before you start!

A tree inventory is used to generate reports, provide strategic planning, assist with Development Applications, and urban forestry planning and management”.

Having a skilled and expert team undertaking such an inventory, your development & design team have the upper hand on any key considerations around a set of invaluable criteria including but not limited to:

  • Specie
  • Size: DBH, height and crown spread.
  • Condition
  • Damage
  • Management/maintenance
  • Site characteristics
  • Planting spaces
  • Historic/Distinctive Trees and Groves

Tree fertilising techniques and management strategies – promote the longevity of your project plan!

Using the latest scientific principles for plant and soil health care, expert consulting arborists can apply a range of cost-saving tree fertilising techniques and management strategies, that are designed to complement the surrounding environment and develop a healthier food soil profile.

Best practice operators apply industry-leading tools such as Grow-gun, Air Knife, Microscopic Analysis and Wood/Soil DNA Sequencing removes speculation, allowing an advanced understanding of a tree’s structure, soil microbiology and root positioning underground.

The key with consulting arborists is to ensure you understand what they do, how they can assist your project and also that you ask the right questions before you engage in your next project. Questions around their latest projects, clients and size of their organisation, not to mention reference and testimonials from government or large firms that they have worked with previously.

Like with all contractors a little due diligence goes a long way, however a consulting arborist can add value to your project, to your approval process and ultimately save you time and money on your next build – can you afford not to use one?

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