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How Landscaping Can Help Your Business

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If you’re looking to capture foot traffic and make people want to spend time in your establishment, you’re going to need to create an enticing environment. Lots of retail stores, businesses, and restaurants have recently turned to creating a beautiful landscaped garden and trees in order to achieve an alluring and attractive appearance for their business.

A gorgeous green space with light dappling in through the trees and a smell of fresh cut grass and flowers can be a powerful place. A good landscaping service can help bring your business up while also creating a more pleasant environment for both you and your staff at work. It’s also more likely to lead to repeat customers while also adding market value to your property. Talk about benefits on benefits!

it’s getting harder and harder in today’s climate of eCommerce to get people through the door of your business. Things are getting competitive price-wise, and some businesses strategies by cutting their prices and offering deep discounts. This isn’t great for any business, and savvy customers can usually find a more competitive price online anyway. But they certainly can’t find the smell of fresh flowers!

The effect of landscaping

First impressions can really help to set a place apart. A shopfront with seasonal flowers is much more likely to stick in a customer’s mind than one without. Why does landscaping make a difference to how your business is viewed?

First of all, it shows that you can apply your effort and knowledge into making something flourish. It shows that your business values attention to detail and is environmentally conscientious. Secondly, landscaping and public gardens give something back to the community. Everyone can enjoy your garden as they walk or drive past your establishment, and that’s a service you’re providing for all to enjoy. Wouldn’t everyone rather do business with  someone who provides a sweet service like this to the community?

Here are some landscaping ideas that are effective in attracting customers to a business.

1. Shaded parking areas

There are definitely enough concrete places to park in this world. Everyone knows how awful it can be to have to park in the direct sun, and that feeling of being afraid your hands are going to melt into the steering wheel when you get back to the car. Providing a shaded area to park in lets people get into a nice cool car when they’re done with your services, and adds another incentive to return to your business. This is especially true in summer, but cars can also get incredibly hot if they’re in full sun even in winter.

2. Water features

The sound of running water is incredibly relaxing and instantly gives people a feeling of calm. Fountains are also a great landscaping option if you don’t have much space for a garden or green area. Landscapers can help you install a wonderful water feature that reflects you and your business, whether you want an elegant traditional fountain or a more modern water feature to set you apart. Water features both look and sound great, while also providing you with a memorable, positive feature that is associated with your business.

3. Regular maintenance schedule

Keep your garden from getting unkempt and it will reflect very well on your business. Even the most beautiful spaces will begin to look a little drab without frequent maintenance. If your flowers are browning and your shrubs are getting overgrown, this can suggest a lack of attentiveness that reflects back onto your business. Keep everything watered, manicured, and looking happy and you can show that you’re a business that cares.

4. Floral arrangements

Even if you don’t know the first thing about gardening, adding flowers can bring some flair to your business’ shopfront. Everyone likes their day to be brightened up, and colourful flowers are a great way to do that. A landscaping company can help choose the best blooms and plants to complement your property and can also choose hardy varieties for those who don’t have much of a green thumb.

5. Boost your sign views

Landscaping and gardens can help provide visibility to your outdoor signage. Some choose bright flowers, others add cool textural layers of different plants to create interest. When you create a scheme for drawing attention to your business’ signage, it really pays to have expert advice from a landscaper or arborist. You don’t want amazing blooms in spring that will fade to brown by summer, and you’ll want to ensure that everything is planted with just the right spacing so as to avoid a hectic maintenance schedule. As with all landscaping and gardening tasks, good maintenance here speaks volumes about your business.

6. Landscaping that rocks

If you really aren’t sure if you keep can keep up with a garden, perhaps a landscaped rock scheme could work for you. Formations such as sandstone are almost like works of art themselves, and you can plant low-maintenance shrubs or succulents if you want to add a touch of green.

Landscaping services can offer a wealth of benefits. You can increase the market value of your property, create a peaceful environment for you and your workers to enjoy, as well as give yourself some encouragement to stop and smell the roses. Call TreeScience for an expert opinion or consultation on how you can maintain or create a beautiful environment for your business.

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