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How to Protect Trees From Pests

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There are a wide variety of pests out there that attack trees and cause them to die. Thanks to international trade, new pests that kill trees arrive on our shores every day. That means homeowners have to constantly be on the lookout for such menaces.

Here are a few tips from Tree Services magazine for keeping your trees safe from pests:

  • Take a close look at the trees on your property on a regular basis, usually once month, and watch for signs of pests.
  • Remove dead or diseased trees as soon as you notice them.
  • Have a professional arborist take a look at your trees on a regular basis, usually once a year.
  • Be willing to apply pesticides such as insecticide or herbicide when needed.
  • If a tree is diseased or dying, call a profession arborist right away.
  • Remove wood from dead or diseased trees from your property, as these can contain tree killing pests. If you must keep such wood on your property, cover it with plastic to keep the pests from spreading.

A little common sense and some action can keep your trees safe and strong.

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