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Pests and Disease No Match for New Jersey Trees

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Woodland Park, New Jersey, is celebrating after winning the war against tree pests this summer. The gypsy moth, Asian long-horned beetle, and a tree fungus sweeping its way across Pennsylvania are no match for pest and disease control efforts in the city. In 2008, more than 340,000 acres of trees were affected by gypsy moths, but this year only 1068 acres seem to be infested. Of course, the egg masses that have been spotted are quite healthy, cautions Carl P Schulze Jr., director of the state Department of Agriculture’s Division of Plant Industry. “It’s below the radar but it’s not gone.” The Asian long-horned beetle may have also been eradicated after a 10-year battle with the pest thanks to massive quarantine efforts made by agricultural officials. The dreaded emerald ash borer beetle also hasn’t yet appeared in New Jersey, which is another big win. Tree services had put up more than 680 sticky traps in preparation, but they came up with nothing. Since peak pest and disease season is over, officials are now looking ahead to next season.



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