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Kids Encouraged to Get Outside and Climb Trees

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The latest trend of health and safety paranoia has been keeping kids out of trees for far too long. Now, groups like the National Trust are trying to get kids to put down their computer and video games in favour of this old past time: climbing trees.

The National Trust has kitted up trees in urban forests in Stourhead gardens, Stourton and Wilts with harnesses, ropes and helmets to provide a fun and safe tree climbing experience.

“It’s nice to encourage children to take part and enjoy fresh air, showing them that getting outside can be fun,” said spokesman Allan King.

“We’ve done the safety bit for you – so people can come along and know that has been done and still have an adventure.”

The idea for the daredevil tree climbing came as a response to Enfield Council’s decision last April to ban kids from climbing in trees in North London parks.


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