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Rowling’s Children Get Their Own Hogwarts Castle

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Despite many complaints from neighbours, author the Harry Potter series J.K. Rowling has finally won permission to build two tree houses in her yard that are in the style of the Hogwarts school.

The two-storey structures will be for her children David, 9, and Kenzie, 7, in the grounds of her 17th century mansion in Edinburgh at an estimated cost of £250,000. The tree houses will have tall, conical cedar shingle roofs that are connected by elevated walkways and rope bridges.

Not everyone is keen on the idea, as members of the Cramond and Barnton community council had urged the City of Edinburgh council to reject the proposals due to the high visibility the tree houses would have.

They were also concerned that the tree houses would obstruct the entrance to a nearby urban forest conservation area, as they are quite out of character with the surrounding area.

Nonetheless, Rowling’s building plan was accepted with the council’s head of planning stating that the development plans “will not adversely impact on the character and appearance of the conservation area.”


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