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Why Arborists Use Pulleys and Blocks

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Many people wonder why arborists use pulleys and blocks when they work on a tree. The pulley and the block are the means by which arborists climb trees without the use of ladders and machinery. According to Tree Services magazine, this equipment is used for efficiency and safety reasons.

An arborist’s main tool for climbing a tree is a block/pulley mechanism that is designed to pull the arborist and his or her tools up the tree. This is usually attached to the tree by a bushing that is pushed into the tree or tied around the tree.

The block and pulley mechanism allows the arborist to pull his or her equipment up the tree and in some cases to lower tree limbs and other debris without putting people on the ground below in danger. Some of these mechanisms are capable of pulling several hundred kilograms.

The rope attached to the block and pulley mechanism is known as the rigging. The rigging is what enables an arborist to work in the trees and keep his or her equipment within easy reach.

A professional arborist will know how to use the block and pulley mechanism and the rigging to reach even the highest branches. This will allow him or her to keep your trees safe and healthy.

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