Why Treescience Is Dedicated To Creating Sustainable Environmental & Economic Ecosystems

In this modern era, establishing a strong and sustainable ‘Indigenous economy’ is critical for realising sustainable self-determining indigenous communities, narrowing the gap between traditional knowledge that stretches back for centuries and modern urban development. This is why more indigenous Australians are pursuing economic independence than ever before.

Treescience actively contributes toward environmental protection and the sustainability of our ecosystems and the Australian economy by being a proudly Aboriginal AQF Level 9 Arborist consultancy.

The Importance Of Supporting Indigenous Businesses

Indigenous enterprises in Australia generate at least $A4.9 billion in income each year, not to mention the various significant economic, social and cultural advantages that they bring.

  • They provide Indigenous Australians with a more varied range of employment options that allow for skills development and economic upliftment in indigenous communities.
  • Improving service delivery in indigenous communities.
  • The establishment of community-based structures that encourage Indigenous business development, such as :
    • Global Corporate Network of Australia
    • Supply Nation (Indigenous Chambers of Commerce) 
    • Indigenous Business Australia (Government procurement policy)

Bringing Traditional Value To The Modern Era

Calling on generations of knowledge and tradition, Indigenous businesses offer intangible cultural knowledge and valuable connections regarding the usage of Indigenous-owned and controlled lands. This contributes to economic success for Indigenous Australian communities at a grassroots level. 

In an Arboricultural sense, it brings an essential balance between environmental, economic and legislative entities in Australia, preserving local ecosystems and important culturally significant sites while adhering to all relevant community and legislative requirements.

Creating A Sustainable Future Together

Businesses owned and operated by Indigenous peoples are more likely to employ Indigenous peoples and to do business with Indigenous peoples. For future growth and generational wealth creation, the “multiplier effect” of successful indigenous enterprises empowering indigenous people plays a vital role. By supporting indigenous businesses, we ensure Indigenous business owners will be inspired to build a legacy of social involvement and development within Indigenous communities.

Offering over 35 years of experience, Treescience is a forward-thinking, socially responsible Aboriginal  AQF Level 9 Arborist consultancy firm. Our well-respected team of specialists continually provides cost-effective, timely solutions, guidance and consultation for even the most complex urban development applications. We are a leading Aboriginal arboriculture consultancy dedicated to balancing our cultural heritage, indigenous knowledge and modern urban development while walking the careful line between ecology, science and legislation. 

If your enterprise wants to collaborate with a registered Aboriginal AQF Level 9 Arborist for your next commercial, residential or governmental development project, get in touch today. Together we can contribute toward sustainable environmental and economic ecosystems.

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