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The World’s Largest Tree Planting Schemes

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With the world being deforested at such an alarming rate over the last 50 years, planting trees has become a matter of urgency. As the state of the environment has worsened, people all over the world have begun to act, organising massive tree planting efforts in all parts of the world. It remains to be seen if the efforts are too little too late, but for now, the more trees we can plant, the better. The following are some of the world’s largest tree planting schemes.

Plant A Billion Trees Project

The Nature Conservancy and American Forests organisations joined forces in 2008 and launched their ‘Plant A Billion Trees’ project. Aimed at planting trees in 21 countries in an attempt to help reduce climate change, this is one project big enough to have a major impact on the environment, with millions of tree planted so far.

Planet Ark’s National Tree Day

With a mandate of supporting and motivating children to help shape their own future, Planet Ark has been spearheading National Tree Day in Australia since 1996, in what is considered Australia’s largest community tree planting event. To date, over two million volunteers have planted well over 12 million trees, bushes and shrubs. The focus of National Tree Day is the ‘long term care and growth of native plant communities’.

African Rainforest Conservancy

The Tanzanian Forest Conservation Group and the African Rainforest Conservancy have worked together for more than two decades to try and conserve Tanzania’s Eastern Arc forested area. In this time, over 10 million trees have been planted.

Vi Agroforestry

This Swedish-based International NGO is a world heavyweight when it come to planting trees, playing a large role in getting farmers to plant trees on their farms, as well as supporting large-scale tree planting. In a monumental effort, Vi Agroforestry has been involved in planting over 100 million trees over the last 30 years in the Lake Victoria Basin, an area that spans Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

The Riparian Forest Program

The State of Paraná in Brasil is aiming to plant 90 million native trees in a massive attempt at reforestation. It began in 2003 and has seen millions of trees planted so far, benefiting 399 municipal districts.

The Big Tree Plant

When you think of England, you generally think of grey rather than green — but this fantastic project is aiming to change all of that. The Big Tree Plant was launched in 2010 and aims to plant one million trees across England by 2015. The program provides education, advice and even resources, making it easy to get involved and quite likely to reach, or even exceed, its one-million-tree goal.

Get involved in a tree-planting scheme near you, as it is one of the best things you can possibly do for the local environment. If you want to plant a large tree, be sure to call in your local arborist or tree services for assistance.

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