Client: Energex

Date: 2014-04-22

Location: South East Queensland

Project Scope: Capital Works

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Jason-jay Fletcher (JJ) worked with Brisbane City as the Senior Arboricultural Scientist for 7 years.

During this time JJ was a contributing member of the QLD Municipal Tree Forum, representing interested parties from Local Government and assisting with implementing the MoU between Energex and Local Government Authorities for vegetation management.

Recently in 2013, JJ worked extensively with Energex and Gold Coast City Council in revising and implementing the updated MoU between Energex and the Gold Coast City Council.

Visual Tree Assessment

The Treescience team performed Visual Tree Assessment audits in a sub-contractor capacity for an Energex principle contractor commencing in June 2011.

The assessments were conducted along HV feeders within the Ipswich/Beaudesert and Mount Tamborine regions for a period of 6months.

During this time we assessed trees in order to identify any defects or signs that could be problematic or jeopardise the structural integrity of the subject tree against the relevant risk matrix.

DA Reports – In alliance with AS4970-2209

The Treescience team prepared supporting reports on behalf of Legacy Way and Energex to meet the requirements of Brisbane City Council and relevant interested community groups for the underground installation of a HV network for the Legacy Way project along Wool Street, Toowong; adjacent to Anzac Park.

The procedures and presentations within these reports adhere strictly to the good practice standards recognized within the Australian arboricultural industry (AS 4970-2009, Protection of Trees on Development Sites).

AS 4970-2009, Protection of Trees on Development Sites provides guidance for:

  • A balanced approach to deciding which trees are appropriate for retention
  • Effects of trees on design considerations and a
  • Means of protecting and monitoring retained trees during development.

This logical process and its relevance to this and subsequent reports can be simplified within the following 4 service areas:

  • Preliminary tree survey
  • Arboricultural impact assessment
  • Tree protection management plan/report
  • Project arborist supervision

During the construction stages of the project, we provided onsite supervision and technical support to guide construction activities and tree preservation requirements.

Tree Protection Management Plan/Report s

Treescience has performed the technical role position in Arboriculture on behalf of Energex for the construction of the significant Kelvin Grove Sub Station project, from the initial consultation with Brisbane City Council and the Energex Design Team Project Manager for Energex.

Since the commencement of the project, Treescience has produced a Tree Protection Management Plan/Report; overseen the vegetation management works and assisted in obtaining fair and reasonable estimations for tree works.

Treescience continues to provide Project arborist supervision to the principle contractor – Kane Construction Pty Ltd until the completion of the project.

Project Arborist Supervision to meet Energex and Councils requirements

Treescience performed weekend/night Project Arborist Supervision works on behalf of Energex and the principle contractor Daleys Constructions.

This work was for the installation of an underground power line network adjacent to a significant Fig tree situated on Kingsford Smith Drive, Brisbane; to meet the requirements of Brisbane City Council.

Treescience guided construction activities through the matrix of roots systems, applying a variety of tree surgery techniques for tree root pruning and management.

Removal and Replacement Project

The Treescience team designed, delivered and managed the implementation of a Tree Removal and Replacement Program in direct consultation with Energex and Gold Coast City Council.

This project involved identifying the trees which posed a concern to above ground infrastructure with consideration of the Councils landscape amenity requirements, based on local government policies, and overarching state legislation.

The project also involved innovative solutions during the scoping phase to decrease our green footprint from using electric skateboards to fold-out bikes while using PDA’s and software programs to aid in our overall sustainable approach.

The project involves community and Councillor Consultation, estimations and project management.

Main image credit: Sean Chin [CC BY-SA 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons