Gold Coast City Council

Client: Gold Coast City Council

Date: 2014

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Project Scope: Policy and Technical Services

The Gold Coast City’s urban forest is comprised of trees and associated vegetation within streets, parks and open space areas, covering an area of approximately 1400 square kilometres, with a growing residential population of around 520,000 people.

The Gold Coast City region remains one of the most bio-diverse, with woodland, marine and freshwater habitats being home to more than 604 native animals and 1672 native plant species.

Treescience is the author of many local government policies, guidelines, and strategic management plans for the management of the urban trees on Council controlled land.

It is within the framework of the recent Gold Coast City Council ‘Management of Trees on Council Controlled Land Policy’ to protect all Council controlled trees from needless removal with every effort being made to preserve existing trees.

Management of Trees on Council Controlled Land Policy provides guidelines and supporting procedures, in conjunction with statutory requirements, and forms the basis for consistent Council decision making, resource allocation and over-all tree management.

Treescience also provides technical advice from disease management, insect pest detection and management expertise.

We are often backfilling the areas of local government given our team’s extensive experience with Council proceedings when internal Council team members are away on leave.