Bushfire Assessments

Bushfire assessments align with planning and construction regulations to deliver accurate design outcomes.

Bushfire events are synonymous with the Australian summer. The wildland urban interface has seen an increase in fire activity and a higher risk to the loss of assets. Building design, town planning and human activity influence the risk of loss of assets. Planning provisions, building and construction codes relating to the risk of bushfire attack are delivered to meet bushfire risks. 

Bushfire risk is the likelihood and consequence of a fire starting, spreading and impacting people, property and the environment.

Our bushfire consultants are accredited Bushfire Risk Assessment Practitioners (AQF Level 8) from the University of Melbourne Bushfire Planning & Design (BPAD) Level 2 and 3 practitioners. Our consultants have specialised knowledge of and aptitude to practically apply the relevant planning, development and building legislation and policies regarding the planned environment within bushfire prone areas.

Our services include Bushfire Assessments of residential, commercial, government & sub-division developments as well as provide building recommendations and compliance in accordance with Australian standards. In the form of assessments and reports we offer:

Bushfire Attack Level assessments (BAL)

Bushfire Hazard Assessments

Bushfire Landscape Assessments

Potential bushfire impact assessments for existing and future developments

Prescribed design specifications in accordance with regulatory requirements

Building design outcomes to align with bushfire construction requirements

Bushfire Management Plans