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Aborist: The Career for Those who Love Tree Climbing

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An arborist is a professional that makes his or her living caring for trees. Most arborists are people who love trees and enjoy climbing them.

That’s definitely the case for professional arborist Bodenham who was thrilled to discover that he could make a living by caring for trees. Bodenham, who has been in the industry for a number of years specialising forest conservation, said that he loves knowing he is working to protect trees that are over a hundred years old and that will most likely outlive him.

Just like plumbers and electricians, arborists have to go through an apprenticeship, and like those professionals, they use special equipment and clothing.

Many arborists will start by studying arboriculture at college. They then move on to such positions as pruning and climbing, where they learn the physical skills necessary to care for and maintain trees.

Some of the tasks an arborist performs include removing dead or dying trees and restoring forests to health.

For arborists, the busiest time of year is during the winter. This is as trees often die and become diseased in the winter months, which means more work for professional arborists.

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