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Tree Cutting Should Be Left To Experts, Warns Arborist

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Research has revealed most civilian tree cutting fatalities occur from being hit by a falling tree or falling off a ladder. Serious chainsaw injuries also result from people attempting to do their own tree-cutting work.

Arborist, Nathan Bellamy, recently told CTV News that tree cutting should be done by a qualified and insured arborist, as they are trained to spot the potential hazards that can be involved.

He said it is necessary to have the appropriate safety gear and approach each job safely, using ropes, blocks, tackles and sufficient manpower.

Many residents attempt to do their own tree cutting to save money, but it may end up costing them dearly, if a tree falls on their house or car, or worse still onto them.

Bellamy suggests that if cost is a problem, they should look for an arborist who will just do the dangerous work and allow them to reduce the total bill by doing some of the cleanup work themselves.

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