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Minda Objects to Trees Being Placed on Heritage Register

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Despite objections from Minda Home, South Australia’s Holdfast Bay Council has voted to place the 100-year-old gum trees lining the driveway to Minda on their local heritage register.

Planted in 1862 by John Hodgekiss, to frame the approach to his former home, the gums are already protected under the Development Act.

This formed part of Minda’s objection to the registration. Minda’s Chief Excecutive, Cathy Miller, also objected on the grounds that council staff had not recommended the trees be registered and that Minda had received advice that they did not even meet the criteria for registration.

Because they are on the local heritage register, the trees cannot be removed unless they pose a risk to public safety. Minda was forced to remove nine of them earlier this year with council approval, after being advised by arborists that they were high risk.

Now that the trees are registered, Cathy Miller says Minda is ‘considering its options’.

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