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Parishioners Claim Tree is Weeping ‘Tears of God’

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Parishioners at St John’s Cathedral in Fresno, California believe a tree outside their church is a manifestation of the work of God, after it recently started weeping what appeared to be tears.

Parishioner Mary Ybarra told a local TV station that upon uttering the words ‘Glory be to God in Jesus’ name’, the tree begins to weep copiously.

However, according to local arborist are not convinced of the ‘miracle’, pointing instead to aphids as being the likely cause of the downpour. The tree is a Crape Myrtle and aphids like to suck its sap, which they then excrete as honey dew. When this honey dew becomes too heavy in the summer, it begins to drip from the tree, which gives it the appearance of ‘weeping’.

The local Roman Catholic Diocese has yet to comment officially on the bizarre occurrence, but local churchgoers remain convinced that it is a sign from above.

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