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Tips on Decorating with Flowers

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Brittany Asch, founder of floral design studio, BRRCH, recently shared these floral decorating tips on

Use warm water with roses to encourage them to open and cut the stems at an angle to expose a greater surface area.

If it is a large floral display, keep it loose and varied, with different heights and textures.Green foliage works well as a display on its own and also makes a great backdrop for more colour.

To make a bouquet seem fuller without over-filling the vessel, strip all the foliage off each stem, except for the visible part at the top.

Select simple flowers for an especially decorative vessel that highlight its beauty rather than drawing the eye away from it.

Arrange your flowers according to the way your vessel will face, so that your favourites are always displayed to best advantage.

To maintain the freshness of your flowers, cut them every day and change their water every two days.

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