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Arborist Sends Message of Peace in the Trees

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As a message of peace, Jesse Huffman of Arborvision Tree services climbed up a hundred-foot tree in his yard near I-17 and Northern to mount a giant lighted peace symbol.

As he climbed, he shot a video of his work that he later posted onto YouTube.

“We are in the off season and I kind of needed to the exercise and stay in practice with climbing,” he said.

A strong positive response to his kind gesture left him surprised.

“I’m sure people see it and hopefully feel good and get a break from the news. It’s been a horrible year for news,” he said.

Not long after posting the video, he began receiving comments from many people and other arborists that are now following his lead. As a result, peace symbols have been placed in trees nationwide.

“Peace is universal,” he said. “It about all of us being good to each other.”


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