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Passionate Arborist Wants Trees for the Future

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Darryl Judd has been an arborist for 23 years, but has planted far more trees than he has cut down.

Currently, he co-owns Guardian Tree Services, which he started in Palmerston North more than 20 years ago.

Even though his job often involves cutting trees down, Judd is passionate about them and believes that it’s people’s “subconscious relationship with trees” that draws them to live in tree-filled neighbourhoods.

While he loves them, he takes a practical approach when trees need to be cut down.

“I’m a realist. I talk to clients about trees. Trees get old, sick and brittle, just like people. They decline. You can’t hold on to something forever,” he said.

Since he has a high level of respect and understanding for trees, he knows how they are coping with their environment and how they need to be pruned in order to thrive in their space.

Proposed changes to the Resource Management Act have Judd concerned, however, as many urban trees will no longer be protected. Already he is seeing many poorly managed trees in his city.

To combat this worrying trend, Judd makes a point of talking to children about trees as much as possible.

“The thing is, we just borrow the land from the future,” he said. “It is our responsibility to manage what we have with care for future generations.”


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