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Council Shows Compassion for Baby Magpies

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The local council in Unley, South Australia has stayed the felling of a tree until its magpie occupants are old enough to leave their nest.

The lemon-scented gum tree in a Myrtle Bank reserve was earmarked for removal, due to a potentially dangerous structural flaw. When a local resident heard about the planned felling, he approached the council, telling them that magpies nested in the tree every year.

Instead of going ahead with the planned removal, the council brought in a zoologist to assess the situation, who reported that there were indeed two young magpies in the nest.

The council then put off the felling until such time as the birds are able to leave the nest, which the zoologist has said could be in a matter of some weeks.

This action has earned the council high praise from the zoologist, who said he hoped it would influence other councils to be equally sensitive to conservation issues.

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