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Legacy Way

Client: Legacy Way - Designed and constructed by Transcity JV (with Brisbane City Council, BMD, Ghella and Acciona)

Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Date: Since project commencement June 2011 (current 4 year contract)

SCOPE OF PROJECT: Data Collection, Report Writing and Specialist Advice

Legacy Way is a $2.4 billion project comprising of a 4.6km underground toll road that will link the Western Freeway, Toowong; with the Inner City Bypass, Herston.

The project encompasses significant remnant vegetation along the Western Freeway; memorial vegetation within Anzac Park, Toowong; highly significant amenity trees within Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens and significant landscape amenity park trees within Victoria Park; Herston.

Brisbane's Legacy Way project under construction


Treescience performed extensive

  • Data collection
  • Planning reports
  • Specialist advice
  • Project arborist supervision
  • Compliance audits and tree surgery
  • Soil amelioration and fertilisation programs
  • Nesting box installation and auditing
  • Bond tree audits and
  • Environmental services determining the “No Net Canopy Loss’ calculation for the entire project.

Data Collection

Treescience has accurately collected over 15,000 trees with a sub-metre accuracy in densely forested canopy areas to open park environments, utilising the latest Trimble Geo Explorer and Terra Sync software.  To ensure continuity and reduce the associated cost, post processing is done in house.

Report Writing

Treescience has performed report writing and technical services to meet the relevant legislative requirements for various state and/or local authorities on the Legacy Way Joint Venture project for both the design and civil teams.

Treescience has extensive experience in complying with client report formats and liaising with the consulting authorities to ensure the relevant reports meet Transcity JV requirements, including key stakeholder expectation.


Project Arborist

  • Overseeing tree pruning works on heritage listed trees
  • Community and stakeholder consultations outlining the tree preservation procedures & arboricultural work methods to ensure forward, practical progression and
  • Guiding construction and excavation methods within delicate Structural Root Zones of protected trees in accordance with legislative requirements and AS4970-2009.

Our team’s extensive knowledge regarding construction methods, combined with our underpinning knowledge of trees, ensures our guidance is practical and feasible within the context of the construction tasks and constraints.

Our ability to communicate with engineers, construction foreman and liaise directly with authorities and all levels of the community has resulted in countless praise and continued project progression.

Tree Surgery, Fertilisation Programs, Nesting Box
Installation/Monitoring and Bond Tree Audits

To date, Treescience has installed 80 individual nesting boxes and conducts quarterly nesting box monitoring using rope and harness techniques.

Given the complexities of Work Health and Safety and the environmental constraints of the Legacy Way work sites, our related Work Method Statements are suitably robust. This has therefore seen us perform similar procedures in various mine sites throughout Western Queensland successfully as well.

“Everything we do is about working together with clients to make the design and construction process as simple as possible. In striving to build lasting relationships with stakeholders, Treescience closely and carefully assists clients to navigate the development, infrastructure and construction process.

We provide timely, straightforward and accurate advice and services; even when development guidelines are complex, or technical issues challenging. We take the time to listen to client aspirations and based on consumer feedback, have refined our technical and customer service approach to deliver great value”.

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